Ask mortal Shaco
Have I ever mentioned how nice you smell?


What do I smell like?  I can’t really smell myself.

I… can’t quite tell. But it’s very nice, relaxing kind of smell. I’m going to lay here until it’s stuck on my clothes.

*flops on* I'm so very tired.


Yes.  Sleep…

jeez all of these country puns leave me in spain.

//So I could ask for everything *giggles evilly* absolutely everything... hmmm... Will there be more Shaco-butt in the future?

Do you find it hard to finnish? HUE HUE HUE HUE


Is it true that you came from an ancient race of hamsters that live in the center of the world? And you were sent here to learn about us?

((*observes from secret lair* 

Ask mun anything you want for munday. I don’t really care how far you take it :Y

dragonfistleesin replied to your photo:((munday? did you mean hamster butt?))

Pls don’t post pictures of your naked butt. Wear some undies next time kthnx geez Loop… ))

((munday?did you mean hamster butt?))


did you mean hamster butt?))

((jester snake i should be sleepiiinggg))

((jester snake i should be sleepiiinggg))